Top 3 VS Code Extensions for Python and Data Science

IDE’s are awesome. If you don’t know what an IDE is, it stands for Integrated Development Environment, meaning it differs from your average text editor by having support for code editing, linting, syntax highlighting and a bunch of other cool stuff that will both help you and save you some time in a long run.

The main issue I have with IDE’s in general is — they are heavy. Your average IDE, like PyCharm, will eat a lot of the disk space, but also a significant amount of RAM, and will take significantly more time to start. And don’t even get me started about Visual Studio.

That’s why I want to shift my focus today on Visual Studio’s lighter brother, Visual Studio Code. It a simple and light-weight IDE I’ve grown to like many years ago, and never looked back.

By default, VS Code isn’t that much different from other light-weight IDE’s like Sublime, or Atom, except for the nicer design (just a personal preference), but with various plugins it can match up with more “serious” IDE’s that in some cases will even cost you money.

Today I want to focus on 3 plugins that will save you much time, with having Python and Data Science in mind. Before diving in, let’s check the requirements.

Before starting, make sure to have the following installed:

The last one you will have to install through the VS Code itself, but as the installation is very simple (just one click), I won’t cover it here. Now we can proceed to the good stuff.

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